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Rich data
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Mobile and BYOD
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Document and device security
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Rich data

Transform your organization’s printing environment and activity into actionable data analytics so that you can take informed steps to improve your security, reduce unnecessary printing activity and waste, and save money year after year. Our solutions securely collect and prepare data on all aspects of your print environment.

Mobile & BYOD

Empower your faculty and staff to take advantage of modern devices designed for freedom and simplicity. Enable mobile printing from any phone or tablet, on or off site, to any of your organization's IU Print secured devices without requiring any special print drivers. You can extend this flexibility and convenience by using our free print app for iOS and Android devices.

Document and device security

Secure your devices and documents, improve end-user convenience, and significantly reduce costs with our secure release solution. Employees print to a secure virtual queue and authenticate at any device to release their documents. This convenient workflow protects document confidentiality and significantly reduces the habitual, non-essential printing volume that is common in most organizations.

Cost control

Start tracking costs by organization, function, project, grant, and user. Get further control by internally billing organizational functions and projects. Implementing an internal charge-back model will help to recoup printing costs. Internal billing is fully integrated into the Kuali Financial System and is as easy as "one-click."